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Sturdy 2" feeding rim with 1/4" glavanized hardware cloth bottom and 3/4" round entrance. Made of 3/4" ("one-by") common and/or clear pine. Rabbet joints are glued with Tightbond II and nailed with 1 1/4" galvanized narrow crown staples. Unpainted. 

Candy Board

  • Every winter, we use these feeding rims on all of our hives as insurance against sarvation. And every year our bees consume at least a portion. It just seems to be in the right place when the bees have moved up in early spring. Can be used with dry sugar or fondant.

    We like to mix 16 lbs of granulated cane sugar with 3 cups of water. Line the hardware cloth with newpaper or waxpaper (we use the papers liners from new foundation). Fill with the sugar mixture and allow to dry over night. Put directly over the broodnest in late fall.

    Candy boards also aid vantilation and absorb excess moisture in the hive.  

  • 2" high, 16 1/4" wide & 19 7/8" long. For 10-frame equipment.

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