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We got started beekeeping with a couple of hives on the roof of our house in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. We've added several more since then and maintain others nearby.

We also manage hives hosted by friends and neighbors. And we've helped many of the folks who have hosted our hives get started keeping bees themselves.

We also capture and trap honeybee swarms. We hang our swarm traps near and far, many hosted by others. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a honeybee colony or a swarm trap.

Upcycled Sustainability

We love spending time in the workshop making beekeeping equipment. Through the years, we've experimented with different pieces of equipment, and have landed on what we think are some very practical items. You won't find a wide range of different types of equipment in our shop, since we sell only what we use in our own operation.

We live in a big city where new construction and renovations are happening all the time. All over the world perfectly serviceable building materials get thrown out everyday. We collect what we can to make beekeeping equipment. The upcycled wood in many of our components are diverted from the landfill to help honeybees thrive.


What could be better than that?

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