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We're always looking for locations for our honeybee hives. We manage hives hosted by friends and neighbors. And we've helped many of the folks who have hosted our hives get started keeping bees themselves.

Hosting a honeybee hive can be a rewarding way to help local pollinators, improve your garden, and giveback to your community. It can also be a low-risk way to get started in beekeeping. Hosting a hive can also be a great source of free local honey! 


If you would like to host a honeybee hive on your property, please contact us to learn more.

Host a Swarm Trap

Not ready to commit to hosting a honeybee hive or you don't own your home, but you'd like to help local honey bees. Then, consider hosting a swarm trap. 

During the spring and summer, healthy honeybee colonies reproduce by "swarming." Half of the bees and the queen leave the hive to find a new nest site. This could be in your house, garage, shed or yard.

Our swarm traps (also called "bait hives") are designed to attract honeybee swarms. Every spring we hang them near and far to give honeybee swarms decent places to nest. We collect any swarm traps that become occupied within two weeks, or in the fall if no swarms move in during the season.

Interested? Contact us to learn more.

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